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The Three Most Kept Pet Birds in An American Household


Budgies or Parakeets

Budgies also commonly known as Parakeets are one of the most common kept pet birds in an American Household. The fact that they are so easy to train and tame make it one of the most popular birds in pet stores across the United States

There are two kinds of Budgies

Standard Budgie vs English Budgie

Standard Budgie vs English Budgie

Standard Pet Type vs. Show Type

The standard pet type is the most commonly found budgie in the United States as they are easily found in every pet store.

The Show Type also referred as the English Budgie can only be found through Breeders or Bird  clubs. They are not available at every pet store. The Show Type budgie are bred for size and feathering as they are put on exhibition by hobbyist across the United States.

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 Lovebirds are the second most kept pet bird in an American household. Lovebrids have been a favorite since they are very playful and are easily taught tricks.

Masked Lovebird

Masked Lovebird

These little parrots are scientifically known as Agapornis and are divided into 9 species.

  • Peachface 
  • Masked
  • Madagascar
  • Red-faced
  • Abyssinian
  • Fisher
  • Black-Cheeked
  • Black-Collared (swinderniana)
  • Nyassa


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Cockatiels are really fun and playful birds to care for. They are very social and friendly to humans and will imitate your whistle.


Male Cinnamon Cockatiel

Male Cinnamon Cockatiel